He Did It Once, He Could Do It Again

Or, “The Primary Was Stolen!”

Or, An open letter to Ron DeSantis.

Dear Actions,

GOP leadership has either stood by or cheerled while Mr. Trump repeated lied that “The election was stolen!” Well Mr. DeSantis, if you didn’t have the spine to counter lies and stand up for democracy then, and you win the GOP primary nomination in the near future, and our orange man-child former president throws a fit and predictably returns again with the same lying refrain, “the primary was stolen!”—and you desperately try to come back with facts, or even win dozens of lawsuits, and that doesn’t stop him nor supporters from repeating his lies, what will happen? He will run against you on a third party with an awful authoritarian name like Truth Party, and he will rip apart any chance at the GOP winning the 2024 election, for one divided side.

And you and Rupert Murdoch and all the little weasely grand old party bootlickers will have deserved it, for letting an authoritarian coward push you around, for giving place to such an unabashed lying rapist PoS America-hating degenerate psychopath, but more especially for training an entire party of tens of millions of supporters to be riled up by endless fear and lies, and to care nothing for reality and facts. Well, I’m here to warn you that reality doesn’t work that way. Maybe in Putin’s shitty, backwards-ass Russia. But back here in reality, cause and effect are tied together.

And by the way, Mr. Trump will do this from his prison cell, if he has to. He won’t let up. Has he ever given any sign that he would ever let up, if it wasn’t to his own personal, immediate benefit? You fed the beast, you fed his tiny little fragile baby ego until it became a giant planet-sized ego, and that all-consuming beast will devour you.

Oh, and ha!

Sincerely, Consequences