BPM: Percussion Metronome

BPM icon, the tips of two drum sticks a few inches above a snare drum

I made this Practice Metronome and Drum Loop app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

I have spent the last year practicing bass and electric guitar and I have tried a few metronomes but wanted something:

  1. Easier to change the tempo.
  2. Easy to try a variety of backing drum loops to practice different styles of music, like playing along with a drummer.

So I made this App, over a period of the last 11 months. I programmed all the beats myself using a custom plain-text tablature language and I am proud of some of the subtlety and variety I was able to produce. Not to promise any more functionality, but it is quite straightforward for me to create new beats and I have a long list of ideas of beats that would give BPM more depth.

It is available on the App Store for $1.99 as a Universal purchase but if you would like a promo code to download it for free, let me know. (And leave a review if you are so inclined.)