Time Outs

child: mommy, what do you do all day?

mother: I go to meetings

child: what's a meeting?

mother: well I sort of sit still and don't say anything while other people talk and tell us what to do

child: so it's like a time out?

mother: sort of, no, no it's not like a time out at all

child: mommy are you bad at work?

mother: no, of course not

child: why are you in time out all day?

mother: I'm not in time out, I'm in meetings. time outs are when you are bad and meetings, well, meetings are good because people give me money to be in meetings

child: can I get money for being in time outs? I can sit very still and not say anything at all and get lots of money

mother: no honey, maybe one day when you are older, you will go to work, and then you can get money for being in time outs, I mean for going to m--

child: yea!