Caltech Classes

I took a lot of classes at Caltech. Here is the list, not including PE or singing a cappella in Out of Context, or TA-ing Intro Graphics for Al Barr, or building Interhovse (a huge, awesome party), or being on Socteam, etc. Each entry below is a full term-long class. This list is mostly for my own reference, mostly for that feeling of satisfaction of making a list.

As a Freshman

  • Solid-State Electronics for Integrated Circuits

  • Calculus of One Variable

  • Linear Algebra / Probability

  • Calculus of Several Variables

  • Chemistry Inorganic

  • Chemistry Organic

  • Classical Mechanics

  • Electromagentism I

  • Electromagentism II

  • Introduction to the Theory of Computation

  • Introduction to Tractability

  • Computation, Computers, and Programs

  • History: Greek Civilization

  • History: American Society and Politics (Progressive Era)

  • Fundamentals of Modern Biology (Drugs and the Brain)

As a Sophomore

  • Introduction to Complex Analysis

  • Radio Electronics Laboratory

  • Statistics / Linear Algebra

  • Statistical Physics, Waves, and Thermodynamics

  • Ordinary Differential Equations, as Applied Math

  • Radio Electronics Laboratory

  • Ordinary Differential Equations, Core Math

  • Literature: Drama from Moliere to Wilde

  • Quantum Mechanics

  • Partial Differential Equations

  • Software Engineering in Java, Distributed Programming

  • Chemistry Laboratory

  • Introduction to Economics

  • Literature: Drama from Ibsen to Beckett

As a Junior

  • Programming Languages, including Denotational Semantics

  • Projects in Music and Science

  • Elementary Spanish I

  • Programming Languages, System F, Type Theory

  • Principles of Microprocessor Systems

  • Projects in Music and Science (built Microphone Preamp)

  • Elementary Spanish II

  • Introduction to Computing Systems

  • Introduction to Computer Graphics Laboratory

  • Geology: Earth and Environment

  • Law: Intellectual Property

As a Senior

  • Discrete Mathematics, some Group Theory

  • Silkscreening and Airbrushing

  • Technical Presentation Seminar

  • Law and Politics

  • History and Philosophy of Science: Modern Physics

  • Projects I in Computer Graphics with Al Barr

  • Introduction to Current Computer Graphics Research, Laboratory

  • Introduction to the Law

  • Technical Writing

  • Compiler Design Laboratory

  • Projects II in Computer Graphics with Al Barr

  • Geometric Modeling with Peter Schröder

  • Drawing and Painting with Jim Barry

  • Music of the Twentieth Century with Tom Neeman

  • Haskell Language Lab with Mike Vanier

  • Projects III in Computer Graphics with Al Barr