The World’s Greatest Books

(See also List of Public Domain Books for some notable books, from surveys by various publications. These lists are for ideas of Public Domain works that deserve great Standard Ebooks. Also The Harvard Classics)

See also Encyclopaedia Britannica‘s Great Books of the Western World on SE.

The following is a list of the 560+ books mentioned in the table(s) of contents of the twenty volume The World’s Greatest Books, compiled by the encyclopedists John Alexander Hammerton and Arthur Henry Mee and published in 1910:

“The notion of finality, or of an utter inclusiveness, for such a work as The World’s Greatest Books may be readily disclaimed. To set it up even would seem ridiculous to any one acquainted with the enormous range of the subject.”

Because all of the books on the list were published before the end of 1922, most of them should be available somewhere as public domain books. (Some may not have English translations available before 1922.)

Legend. Bold means the book is in the other lists of top novels, etc. or in production or in the SE Wanted list. Strike-through means the book is done and available as a Standard Ebook.