Which Has More Energy, a Stick of Gum or iPhone 7 Plus' Battery?

For the energy content of a stick of gum we will go with Siri / Wolfram Alpha: 9.42 kCal.

What about iPhone 6s Plus' Battery?

To convert Wh to kCal, use this math:

    1 Wh = J/s h = J (3600 s) / s = 3600 J

And since a kCal = 4200 J,

    1 Wh = 3600/4200 kCal = 0.857 kCal.

Select the white text below for the answer.

iPhone 7 Plus battery = 11.1 Wh = 9.55 kCal. iPhone 6s Plus battery = 10.45 Wh = 8.96 kCal. So 7+ > stick of gum but 6s+ < stick of gum.

37 Connectors Missing From iPhone 7

Apple just announced the new iPhone 7 and journalists are falling over themselves, neglecting to mention the following 37 connectors that are not present on the iPhone 7. Are they shilling for Apple?

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • 1/4 inch headphone jack
  • banana plug connector
  • XLR audio jack
  • RF connector (coaxial)
  • BNC (bayonet connector) / SDI (Serial Digital Video)
  • RCA connector
  • S/PDIF
  • Speakon
  • Euroblock (Phoenix connector)
  • DIN/mini-DIN connector (MIDI, PS/2, AT connector, S-Video etc.)
  • old 30-pin connector (iPod through iPhone 4s)
  • USB micro
  • USB mini
  • USB-C
  • ADB (Apple Desktop Bus)
  • DB-25 (Parallel port, used for printers)
  • RS-232 (Serial communications port)
  • RJ11 (phone plug)
  • Cat 5 (ethernet cable)
  • SCSI
  • HDBaseT
  • VGA
  • Composite video
  • Component RGB / Component YPbPr
  • VIVO (Video In Video Out)
  • DVI
  • DMS-59 (Dual Monitor Soultion)
  • HDMI / HDMI audio
  • IEEE 1394 ("FireWire")
  • Display port / mini display port / Thunderbolt
  • 12-volt cigarette lighter power port
  • Edison screw base (light bulb base)
  • SATA / eSATA
  • Fibre Channel

→ I Can't Stop Reading One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

Yelp is filled with one- and two-star reviews of America's most pristine and majestic natural wonders. And honestly, they're riveting. What makes a national park a one-star destination varies from one reviewer to the next. Maybe the tacos at the visitor center aren't up to snuff. Maybe it was cloudy. Maybe the park was too cowardly to cut down some trees for spillover parking lots. Maybe it was President Barack Obama's fault.

Whatever the case, you can thank these people for leaving the campgrounds a little bit less crowded for the rest of us.

via Mother Jones

A lot of these reviews say more about the reviewer than about the places they visited. The most obvious problem is going to the desert in the summer! The complaints about the people running the places seem valid. But failing to plan properly or having incorrect expectations about how to spend your time at a park, especially if you have to plan activities for children, that is on you. This isn't a theme park.

And the idea that a chunk of preserved wilderness was set aside to appease you and that humans should rate nature, as if nature gave a fig, is pretty funny.

Read All Lines from Stdin Using Node JS Split Module


npm install split

Then your JavaScript code:

  .on('data', (line) => {
    console.log('GOT '+line);
  .on('end', () => {
    console.log("Starting up server");

→ Ficus carica L.

The tiny flowers of the fig are out of sight, clustered inside the green "fruits", technically a synconium. Pollinating insects gain access to the flowers through an opening at the apex of the synconium.

via CFRG.org — Ficus carica L.

And that's why you never see fig flowers.

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